“The wind had picked up, splashing some chop onto the cattails, the temperature was dropping and the light was getting low. In other words, it was that time of the day with big fish potential. Twitch, twitch, a subtle thump, a solid set up, and whatever was on the other end felt so heavy it was hard to believe it was a fish. But it was moving... And then the big bass came up for a classic wide-mouthed head shake and we knew it was a doozy! A few heavy pressure minutes later and we slid the big girl into the net. 

Many people do not think targeting bass on the fly is as effective as targeting them with conventional fishing gear, and in certain cases this may be true. But in the early spring, if you can find some fish sitting shallow pre-spawn, this is not the case. Flies have such great movement and natural undulation in the water that targeting a big, "smart" bass with them can actually give you an advantage!

So grab a good stout rod, and start working in real tight to cover on your favorite bass pond. You may be surprised at what is lurking in there..."

-Garrison Doctor - RYW Co-Founder