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Fishing into 34

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Even though a birthday comes around every year, it always means a minimum of a month of celebrating for me.  Birthday season started with small creeking looking for aggressive little browns looking up. Some above average fish in small pocket water made my day.  I was flying solo to ring in my next year of life thus the photos of the larger fish weren’t much to behold, so you will just have to take my word for it.   The smaller fish were cooperative enough for a quick snap before heading back home.

Garrison and I headed up to some high altitude, even smaller water in search of some mini brookies the following weekend.  We were rewarded with gorgeous fish every time the fly could avoid the willows to make it in the water. This creek, while incredibly narrow, has some great deep undercuts that hold fish that almost never see flies, so as long as the fly has a nice drift, they will eat it.  We hit a log jam that we knew held some better browns on the way back down the hill towards home and one slow-twitched hopper got the attention of this beauty.

The wrap up to a wonderful birthday season meant two days of gorgeous floats looking for dry fly sippers and streamer chasers.  When our good friend Chuck Head of Gunnison River Guides had a rare day off asked if we could make it down to float with him, the answer was an obvious YES!  We found a ton of fish actively feeding over two beautiful days. The good fishing is never the whole story. Getting a chance to spend time on the water with a friend we rarely see wrapped up birthday month the right way. 

Corinne Doctor
Co-founder of RepYourWater

See more of her adventures at @csd817

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  • Sep 09, 2019

    Nice- Great way to spend a B-Day!

    — Johnny Valdez

  • Sep 09, 2019

    A happy birthday month to you. Great writing and great pictures. And the best year ahead. So darn proud of you.

    — JAn WAnner

  • Sep 08, 2019


    — Robert Meier

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