Our co-founders, Garrison and Corinne, recently got back from the Bolivian Amazon and an epic trip to Tsimane Lodges.  A few of their favorite moments in photo and story form are below.

"We landed deep in the jungle along the Securé river in Tsimane, Bolivia.  After we were greeted by the villagers eager to welcome us to the remove 'airport', we loaded up the canoes to head upstream to the lodge.  Every logistic comes harder when you are this secluded, but the place, people and fishing make it worth it.  On our first day fishing, after following instructions to 'just cast to that rock,' an eruption of gold scales exploded from the deep pocket.  The first golden dorado landed and released, we continued to the next riffle on our quest for more."

- Corinne

"Pacu are the largest member of the piranha family and one of the hardest fighting freshwater fish I have battled on a fly rod.  Often dubbed 'the permit of the jungle' for their wariness and long running fights, they are omnivorous, feeding on nuts, leaves and flowers as well as other fish.  This one decided to attack my dorado fly, luckily lodging the hook just outside of its double rows of teeth that can cut through 40lb wire without a problem.  After a few blistering runs we were able to corral this guy in the sand and snap a few pics.  Surprisingly this was Garrison's first fish at Tsimane!"


"There are certain individual fish that you remember everything about for years to come.  This will be one of those fish for me.  I was fishing at the head of a big, deep, fast run, throwing a black over chartreuse 7" deceiver, when this thing came out of nowhere and slammed it.  I hammered a strip set home and it was game on.  A few minutes and a few Tarpon-like jumps later we were able to tail her in the shallows."


(Photo credit above: Fernando Beltrán)

"The double on our last day was one to remember.  Golden Dorado sometimes hunt in schools where fish of a similar size will work together to corral a school of bait into shallow water and a feeding frenzy of whitewater ensues. It is intense to watch and usually ends quickly.  We saw one such frenzy down river and immediately moved in that direction.  However when we got closer it had died down.  That is when we saw multiple wakes moving fast up the bank in shallow water.  Corinne mad e a great cast and a huge golden-green head immediately engulfed the fly.  Dorado in schools tend to try to steal the "fish" that is your fly, out of the hooked fish's mouth, and even with 30-40lb wire as bite tippet, will break your line.  So our guide, Santiago, immediately launched into the water to try and scare the school.  Right then Garrison bombed a cast up the bank and we were doubled up.  Chaos ensued..."

 (Photo credit above: Santiago Dall'Acqua)