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It's time to go high!

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Escaping the heat to find some high country treasure...

Summer heat is in full effect here on the front range of colorado, which means two things, first - make sure your beer is truly and legitimately cold,  and second - it is the perfect time to get way up into the high country and explore some small water!

Cool, crisp mornings in high altitude air that smells like spruce trees is just the ticket when the summer heat sets in...

The Fish

With some notable exceptions, high altitude fish are not typically the biggest, but in my experience they are consistently some of the most beautiful. Our recent expedition was  for Brook Trout, which although not native here in Colorado are some of my favorite trout in terms of colors and variation.

Tips and Tricks for the Small Stuff

When fishing really small water, my advice is to keep it really simple. A single medium sized, high floating dry fly is all you should need.  These fish are opportunists that have a very short summer window to take advantage of, so presentation in my experience is much less critical than stealth. If you can get a fly on the water without the fish knowing you are there, there is a very good chance you get a take. Move slow, stay low and use whatever you can to shield your silhouette from the fish. 

- Garrison Doctor - RepYourWater Co-Founder, Designer and Artist

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  • Aug 20, 2019

    Hey Jim! Glad you are able to get out to Colorado and drop a fly occasionally. There are MANY areas in Colorado with high altitude opportunities, but there is a great shop in the Springs called Anglers Covey, they would be the perfect resource for you for some info and/or a guide trip. Cheers and tight lines!

    — Garrison Doctor

  • Aug 20, 2019

    Hey Garrison. I live in Florida, and my son Shawn lives in Colorado Springs. As a result I occasionally get to go fly fishing with my son for trout. What area is best to fish for high altitude fish such as the Brook Trout? Are there fly shops that do guided trips for high altitude fish?

    Jim Reagan

    — Jim Reagan

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