There is nothing like a handful of spunky, spotty Rainbow Trout to make it truly feel like spring, unless you happen to be fishing in Wyoming in temperatures that are not quite above freezing as a storm blows snow and sleet sideways over the river.  Which brings up a question - would you rather fish in cold, windy weather and have the river to yourself, or fish on a beautiful day with a few too many other anglers? Personally, I would much rather brave the elements and tolerate cold and windy weather then fish the same section of river on a gloriously sunny but crowded day. Your answer may change depending on the style of fishing you prefer most. If you are a dry fly connoisseur and consider all other methods of fly fishing to be inferior (an entirely valid opinion), a gusty, sleet filled day may not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you are happy watching an indicator go down or enjoy stripping streamers, you may find yourself quite at home.

-Garrison Doctor - RepYourWater Co-Founder and Designer