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Stormy Rainbows

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Stormy Rainbows

There is nothing like a handful of spunky, spotty Rainbow Trout to make it truly feel like spring, unless you happen to be fishing in Wyoming in temperatures that are not quite above freezing as a storm blows snow and sleet sideways over the river.  Which brings up a question - would you rather fish in cold, windy weather and have the river to yourself, or fish on a beautiful day with a few too many other anglers? Personally, I would much rather brave the elements and tolerate cold and windy weather then fish the same section of river on a gloriously sunny but crowded day. Your answer may change depending on the style of fishing you prefer most. If you are a dry fly connoisseur and consider all other methods of fly fishing to be inferior (an entirely valid opinion), a gusty, sleet filled day may not be your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you are happy watching an indicator go down or enjoy stripping streamers, you may find yourself quite at home.

-Garrison Doctor - RepYourWater Co-Founder and Designer

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  • Apr 17, 2017

    Before I moved to Aspen, Colorado I spent a good portion of my trout season back home on the East Coast. Fishing with my dad for trout in various weather conditions. Warm days in Maryland meant smaller trout but less clothing and gear. Colder days meant upstate New York hunting down steel in the middle of nor’easters and other aggressive weather scenarios. I came to colorado last June for a Summer of fishing and seasonal work. I fished every day of the week thinking I’d be moving back to my the current city, New York. The weather was perfect everyday. Sunshine beaming, fishing eating and I was shocked that I wasn’t overwhelmed by fisherman traffic. There is so much water to fish here that, unless you’re on the frying pan, you can find your own space and feel like your ultimately fishing alone. I ended up staying in Colorado because of that fact alone. I think there are some places in the world that, because of epic weather, aren’t destroyed by the pressure of a ton of other fisherman. There is certainly such thing as a fishermans paradise and Colorado may be one of them. We fish all year. It never stops. Through snow storm after snow storm there is always ice fishing… and even the lethargic trout bite here and there. I’m thankful to no longer have to count down the days to the opening day of trout season. Every day is trout day… and when it’s not there are pike and other numerous species of fish to be caught!

    — Flinn Pomeroy

  • Apr 14, 2017

    Just give me the opportunity and I’ll take what Mother Nature dishes out!! :)

    — Daniel Schoeck

  • Apr 14, 2017

    Totally fish by myself in the cold, and windy weather…..But then again I live in Wyoming and that’s all I fish around is cold and windy HAHA! :)

    — Angela_gigi_h86

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