RepYourWater Co-Founders Garrison and Corinne Doctor live our motto here at RepYourWater - Fish. Explore. Conserve. Usually that means a lot of exploration around their home waters here in the western US, but when the opportunity came to host a great group of fellow adventure seeking anglers back down to Lago Strobel (aka Jurassic Lake) in southern Argentine Patagonia, they jumped at it.

Jurassic Lake is a unique fishery in southern Patagonia. The lake is formed in an old crater and is a huge, alkaline, food rich environment for the Rainbow Trout that were introduced there over 20 years ago. The size of the lake and its electric blue, clear waters make for trout that look more like a fish out of the ocean - chrome sides, turquoise backs and bad attitudes. The prolific scud population makes the average size of the fish large to very large! Trout that clear the 10lb mark are pretty common and fish over 20lbs are not uncommon.

The rocky, arid, steppe of this remote area of Patagonia is somewhat reminiscent of the sagebrush country of Wyoming. And it shares another commonality - the wind. Winds in the 15-20mph category are relatively standard and days far exceeding that mark happen often enough to put a 20-25mph day into perspective. Imagine casting through breaking waves, into the teeth of the wind and hooking into a trout in the 18-20 pound class that rips the fly line off of your 8wt reel as it dolphin jumps towards deep water. It is a unique place to fish in the best sense.

The landscape and monster trout are amazing, but what makes the experience is the people and the lodge. This trip wouldn’t have been the same without Carlos, Llew and the guides and staff from Jurassic Lake Lodge.  They are all top notch and know how to show a group a really good time. We also had the good fortune of traveling down with a group of anglers that were there for the right reasons and made our travels and adventures an absolute blast. A huge thank you to our group: Woody, Jamie, Raj, Al, Chris and Edgar.  

This trip is etched into our memories and we know we will be back.  There are more monsters in that lake and we aim to find them.