Fat, waterlogged snowflakes falling and sun-filled, cloudless days are what spring volatility is made of.  When planning the first float of the season memories of late March blizzards sat heavy in my memory. As we cruised over the mountain passes in the dark to beat ski traffic we watched the dash temperature reading drop from a balmy 40 on the front range to 23, 22 and finally 21.  Skepticism crept in. I quickly did a mental scan of the layers I had packed in the dry bag hoping they would suffice.

High altitude bad weather or not, by the time we were launching the boat the sun was up, water temps read higher than expected and most of my layers stayed put where I had packed them the night before.  Within the first hour of banging banks and stripping streamers back through the slightly off-color runs a connection was made. I watched the golden body of the brown fighting below the surface as I fought him to the net. The fishing was solid, but a day spent with the water moving underneath you and the wide open Colorado skies above is good for the soul regardless.

-Corinne Doctor, RYW Co-Founder