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Below is a reader friendly version of our rewards program description:

Rewards Program

Join the Rewards Program

How to earn. 1 dollar equals 2 wilderness bucks

How to spend. 100 wilderness bucks equals 1 dollar

Move up in VIP status as you spend

Levels are

bronzeback for 0 to 99 wilderness bucks earned

silver king for 100 to 199 wilderness bucks earned

golden dorado for 200 or more wilderness bucks earned

Ways to earn wilderness bucks

200 for creating an account

2 wilderness bucks for every dollar you spend

50 for sharing on facebook

200 on your birthday

refer a friend and get 500 wilderness bucks when they purchase

Ways to spend wilderness bucks

5 dollars off for 500 wilderness bucks

10 dollars off for 1000 wilderness bucks

20 dollars off for 2000 wilderness bucks

Frequently asked questions

How do I spend wilderness bucks.  You can spend your wilderness bucks by logging into your customer account and then clicking on the launcher. Under the rewards section you can click redeem next to the rewards that you want to claim.

How much does it cost to join? Our wilderness bucks program is totally free. We do it to say thank you to our awesome customers

Is there a limit to how many order points I can get? There is no limit. Collect as many wilderness bucks as you please. 

For any assistance with the wilderness bucks rewards program that cannot be accessed using screen readers or other assistive devices please contact us at 303-717-0267 or