Southeast Conservation Project of Trout Unlimited

It's official.  We have added Trout Unlimited's Southeast Conservation Project to our list of conservation partners.  We will make a 3% donation on the sale price of all of our North Carolina gear to this great project.  Learn more about the SECP below.


Over the years, the native-strain brookies, some of the Southeast’s most sacred treasures, have suffered from the compounding issues of increased air temperatures and disease, floods and other disturbances.  TU’s efforts in the Southeast focus on increasing the resiliency of our remaining native brook trout populations so that the pursuit of these sacred treasures does not become a thing of the past.



Among other things we reconnect fragmented aquatic habitats on climate-resilient and native fisheries by eliminating fish passage barriers such as culverts and dams. We educate landowners, engineers and decision-makers, and we advocate for better practices at road-stream crossings.