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Brown Trout Epic Filter Bottle

Brown Trout Epic Filter Bottle

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We teamed up with Epic Water Filters out of Boulder, Colorado to bring you the Brown Trout filter bottle. This bottle is wrapped with a custom brown trout flank print reproduced from a pastel done by RepYourWater Co-founder and designer, Garrison Doctor. Offered in two different sizes (32oz and 48oz) this bottle is a perfect solution for unlimited filtered water while out on your outdoor adventures. Compared to heavy insulated water bottles, these are lightweight and refillable to make sure you are hydrated all day long.

Each bottle includes:

    Epic Everywhere Filter

    • CoreXchange technologyRemoves up to 99.99% of tap water and outdoor water contaminants, but also removes biological pathogens like bacteria and viruses 
    • Produces 75 gallons of clean water
    • Replaces 550+ landfill bound plastic bottles 100% recyclable
    • Replaceable internal filter cartridge.
    • Independently certified across the globe in both field and laboratory tests
    • Click HERE for more information

    Note: If you let your filter soak in the water in the bottle for 30 minutes or more, less pressure is required for it to come through the straw.  It is time for a replacement filter when water no longer comes through the straw.  Water bottles are non-refundable.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Brown Trout Epic Filter

    These bottles are essential for the outdoors enthusiast who want to save on weight on long trips.

    Thomas Westermeyer

    Well designed

    Jared King
    Great Bottle

    I’ve never carried a camel pack although I should for some of my longer trips. This bottle solves 99% of my hydration problems on the water. I’m sure other anglers get hyper focused on fishing and forget to take a sip…of water…every now and again. Super easy to fill right from your stream and has been an awesome addition to my carry pack on a day trip.

    Donald Bickler

    I like it. Cool. Thx

    karen biggs
    Go Any Where Safely

    The Filter Bottle was a birthday gift for my son. He was very pleased. Whether he is on the water, in the field or the backyard he can safely drink water from any source.