Meet Ambassador Kevin Cole


Meet repyourwater ambassador 

kevin cole

1. Tell us a little about yourself, where did you grow up, where do you live, any family information you'd like to share etc.  

My Name Is Kevin Cole. I was born and raised in Southern Colorado. My family owns a ranch near Trinidad, Colorado, and I think that is a big reason why I am such a fan of all things outdoors. I was immersed in nature from the day I was born. I am currently located in Northern New Mexico on The Vermejo Reserve, a hunting and fishing ranch. 

 2 .How did you get introduced to the outdoors and how has it formed your life? 

My family is a big reason why fishing and hunting became a passion and my career. I have uncles and cousins who always included me in hunting and fishing trips. Some of my uncles have been doing DIY horseback elk hunting trips since the 1970s. Since I was old enough to comprehend what they were doing, I had interest and hopes that one day I would be included on their legendary trips. Some of the most fond memories are being outdoors with my uncles and cousins in nature.

 3. What is it about fishing that you enjoy so much? 

My favorite thing about fishing are the moments of bliss I experience when I’m focused on the stream, trying to out-smart the fish and I look up from the water and take in all my surroundings. Those moments are almost hard to explain. It’s like I’m not experiencing nature but rather I am a part of nature.

A men kneeling at the side of a small stream holding a colorful cutthroat trout.

4. Is there a particular type of fishing that you prefer?   Since I was old enough to pick up a rod and go fishing small mountain streams have always been my passion. Whether it’s wild cutthroats or wild brown trout, I'm a sucker for small technical streams.  

5. You relatively recently began guiding as well.  Does it connect you in a different way to fishing?  The past two years I have been lucky enough to guide fishing on some incredible waters. It definitely connected me with fishing in a different way. Catching fish for yourself is one thing, but being able to get a first time fly fisher on a fish requires a whole other set of skills. I’m very thankful for that because I believe it has made me a better angler on my own time. A lot of clients will have questions that I have never asked or pondered before. That alone has increased my knowledge exponentially. 

 6. You not only love to fish, but get out hunting quite a bit.  What is your favorite game to pursue?    I love hunting as much I love anything in this life. Going out in nature and fooling an animal in their home is something that is hard to compare. These animals live their whole lives trying to survive in their environment, so getting out and trying to figure out how to close the distance on them will always be a favorite thing of mine. Of all the animals I have pursued, nothing tops chasing elk in September. Hearing the monstrous roar of an elk bugle in the woods is one of the most unique sounds in nature.  I have not found anything else that quite gets my adrenaline pumping like a big bull walking towards me.  

7. With many threats facing the outdoors, be it global warming, loss of habitat, mineral extraction etc, What worries you the most? Are you involved in any conservation groups or movements to oppose these things?   In 2022 as outdoors people I think we have a lot to worry and ponder about. As more people are brought into this world and technology advances, humans get further and further from nature. My biggest fear is humans will one day remove themselves from nature completely and destroy nature in the process. I love my job so much because I get to show the city folk nature in its truest form and explain to them the importance of conservation and the impact us humans have on our precious earth. A lot of people never even contemplated any of this.  

8. If you could fish anywhere in the world, where would you go?  If I could fish anywhere on our planet I would choose South America. Patagonia and the legendary Jurassic lake to be exact. Golden Dorados have also always been at the top of my bucket-list species so South America is my goal and dream! New Zealand is a very close 2nd place though!  

9. What is your favorite piece of RepYourWater gear?  All of my RepYourWater gear is always a fan favorite. I get compliments almost every time I wear a RYW hat, there is not a company that has better designs, in my opinion. I wear them daily so its hard for them to not be favorite. However, nothing quite tops the hybrid fishing shirt on a hot summer day. The breathability and comfort combined with the protection from the sun is unmatched. 

a man holding a small but colorful cutthroat trout gently above a net.
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