Fish Sticks || RepYourWater X Meier Skis and Snowboards

A logo that says repyourwater in a fish silhouette then the letter x and then a logo that says meier next to an M
Whether you fish in your skiing off-season or ski in your fishing off-season (as if there is such a thing), you need a pair of Fish Sticks, our collaborative ski with fellow Colorado company Meier Skis. Buy now directly from Meier by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.  All designs also available in snowboards. 
A pair of skis with fish heads on one end and fish tails on the other
6 pairs of skis. One with rainbow trout, second with brown trout, third with cutthroat, fourth with a river, fifth with brook trout an sixth with multiple fish seen from above

Full stats and info available at Meier Skis

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