Website Accessibility:

We have taken all measures within our control and which are technologically possible to ensure that our website and the ability to purchase our products and services is accessible to those with disabilities.

Assistive Technology:

While many other assistive technologies can perform the same functions, we have a third party app that will provide accessibility features including but not limited to screen reading, text enlargement, link highlighting, animation pause and more.

Non text items: 

Below is a list of non-text and other elements of our website that are readable by assistive technology:

  • Product and page images all have alt text which describes the image or design being displayed
  • All links have titles that describe where the link is directing the user to
  • All size charts have links to readable versions
  • PDF reports have links below them to text-only versions
  • All product review star ratings are written below the image of the stars to ensure ratings are understood by all website visitors

Listed here are some items that may not work with assistive technology due to technological limitations.  For further assistance with any of these items, please reach out to us at or 303-717-0267 and we will assist you personally.

  • Menu lists may not be readable when expanded due to technology limitations.  A reader friendly menu can be found HERE
  • Images on product reviews may not include alt text due to technical limitations by the 3rd party app
  • When a product is marked down on sale or clearance there will be two prices listed.  The original price is shown in strike through, though may be read as normal text.  The lower price is what will be paid.

You can improve your online experience by using a desktop computer and by exploring these features and settings available in various assistive technology applications:

  • Special characters: If it’s required by your screen reading application, enable settings to automatically read any of these special characters: @, #, $, &, ', ", /, |, _, { }, [ ] and words with tilde or grave accented characters.
  • Symbols: If it’s required by your screen reading application, enable settings to automatically read these symbols: +, -, =, *, \, %, ^, ( ), < and >.


Accessibility Contact Information:

If you have problems with any other elements of our website not being accessible by your assistive technology please reach out to us via email or phone as outlined below:

Email: with Accessibility in the subject line 

Phone: 303-717-0267