As humans, everything we do has an environmental & social impact. Everything from growing the food we eat, constructing our homes and businesses, and making the clothes we wear all have an environmental & social cost. We also know that our business has an environmental & social impact, which is why we are striving to measure and improve our sustainability performance because we care deeply about conserving and restoring the places we fish, doing our part to be part of the climate solution and ensuring that the people who make our products are treated fairly and equitably.

Below are our sustainability goals and and our current progress towards meeting them.

By the end of 2025 we want 25% of wearable product to include recycled or biodegradable content. As of November 2023, 10.6% of wearable products* include recycled content.


* Wearable products include hats, tops, neck gaiters, socks, dog products, etc

We plan to reduce emissions associated with our packaging. By the end of 2024 100% of our packaging will either be made from recycled material, be recyclable or have negligible packaging used.

Recycled, Recycleable or Both

Sustainability Reports