About RepYourWater

RepYourWater is a design-driven apparel brand dedicated to providing top quality gear for anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts while inspiring exploration of the outdoors and conserving the resources we are privileged to use.

Meet The Team

Garrison holding an Icelandic sea run brown trout over the water

Garrison Doctor - Co Founder

Even though Garrison has no direct family members that fish, his love for fish and fishing was evident at a very early age. After he begged his dad for his first fly rod on his 10th birthday, this passion was sealed. His love for art and design also carried throughout his life. RepYourWater is a combination and vision of these pursuits. If he is not in the RepYourWater office working on a new design, he may be out in "Big Blue", his trusty raft, throwing a streamer at a juicy bank and soaking in the wild.

Corinne holding a Patagonia brown trout over the water

Corinne Doctor - Co Founder

With Snoopy rod in hand, Corinne caught her first fish in a high altitude Colorado lake before even starting elementary school. She didn’t catch the fishing bug however until much later in life when Garrison took her on a warm-water pond mission to catch panfish on the fly. This first try with a fly rod was followed by small creek adventures and high-water wilderness canyon exploration seeking bigger and bigger trout. She has now been after fish on the fly for over 14 years and the excitement of the hook up still feels like the first time. After teaching high school Spanish for 6 years while starting RepYourWater with Garrison, Corinne took on a full time role in 2016. She is excited to continue building her passions for conservation and fishing. 

Eli hooked into a small Colorado rainbow trout, ready to scoop it with his net

Eli Negrelli - Fulfillment and Support Specialist

Growing up along the front range of Colorado, Eli has always had a passion for the outdoors. Eli grew up going camping and fishing with his family, however, it wasn't until 2017 when he fully immersed himself in fly fishing and spending all his free time on the local waters and fitting in some float trips throughout the spring and summer. Eli graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Marketing and is excited to learn more about the industry and how to incorporate his skills with RepYourWater.

A river and mountains

Tad Ingles - Fulfillment and Operations Support Specialst

Tad grew up in Kansas spending as much time outside as possible. Some of his earliest memories are bobber fishing for bass and camping with his grandparents. Tad first pursued the culinary arts and worked as a chef through his early adult life. Looking for new culinary challenges and seeking a more outdoor-focused lifestyle, Tad packed up and headed to Colorado. The unpleasantness circa 2020 gave Tad a chance to dive deeper into our industry. Since leaving kitchens, he has worked hard to learn about our food production and how we can reduce impact on our outdoor spaces. Exploring, conserving, and harvesting our shared resources are the passions that have brought Tad into the RYW fold.