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Clarkii Eats Bugs - Children's Book

Clarkii Eats Bugs - Children's Book

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Clarkii is a bright-eyed, wild cutthroat trout that lives in a cold mountain stream.  He loves eating bugs but has to stay safe from predators trying to eat him too! Read along for a day in the life with Clarkii.

  • Story written by RepYourWater co-founder Corinne Doctor
  • Each two page spread features a watercolor by RepYourWater designer and co-founder Garrison Doctor
  • Glossy soft cover
  • Book measures 8x10
  • A portion of every purchase supports our conservation partners
  • Printed in the USA 
  • Printed on  FSC and SFI certified paper with non-toxic inks 

Wondering where the name Clarkii came from?  It is part of the scientific name for the cutthroat trout!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
R.D. Hulsey
Great read for my 3 year old grandson!

My 3 year old grandson enjoyed Clarkii Eats Bugs - both the artwork and the story. We were able to discuss the difference when Clarkii was the "predator" and when Clarkii was the "prey". He thought that was pretty funny.

Great story! Great artwork!

Thank you for producing this and giving our next generations a chance to learn about our fisheries early in life.

Steven Doepke
Clark eats bugs

Great book, granddaughter loved it!

Drew YoungeDyke
My 4-year-old loves - and so do I!

Clarkii Eats Bugs is a perfect children’s book that takes them through a day in the life of a trout in a fun manner while teaching them about the ecological factors that influence its habits (and that we anglers try to imitate and account for). Good for future and current anglers. Now my son exclaims “Just like Clarkii!” when he sees a trout on the cover of my books and magazines.

AR - Wolfgang Zahner
My Daughter Loves It

My daughter is 3 and is starting to get excited for spending time in the mountains and rivers. She likes being able to talk about this storybook when I’m coming back from the River and asking if I saw Clarkii (note: I get skunked often enough I have had to pretend I saw Clarkii, so maybe one drawback)

Gilbert Rowley
My Kids LOVE Clarkii!!!

We gave this book to my 3 year old as a birthday present, and not only him but all of his older siblings LOVED it very much! It made for a great gift!