Gin Clear Water and Arctic Char - Iceland Part II

Iceland has been on our bucket list for years – the landscapes, wild places, native brown trout and arctic char have all been pulling us north. A huge thanks to our friends at Fish Partner who helped us put together an epic trip itinerary including all lodging and logistics. Keep an eye out for part III of this saga...
Our Land cruiser kicked up gravel on the dirt road as we tore through the the Icelandic highlands. We eagerly peeked at the rivers as the smell of arctic thyme and glacial water came through the window on the cool, damp air. The Icelandic highlands are an austere landscape, more reminiscent of a moonscape than of the green Scottish highlands. This wide open setting just makes the rivers more spectacular. They are truly the focal point, even to the non-angler. From an angler's perspective, they are a paradise.

We hurriedly rigged rods, threw on waders and headed to the river close by the lodge. As we peered off of a small cliff edge, you could spot the char everywhere. And they were feeding! It was game on. Sight fishing to these beautiful fish in crystal clear water was an absolute blast, and they fight like crazy!

An arctic char is held while under the water

A person fishes in a deep canyon
A photo of the side of an arctic char
A photo of one fork of a river flowing down a waterfall into another

Our time in the highlands was too short, we barely scratched the surface exploring the water close at hand to the lodge, say nothing of the headwater sections of multiple rivers close at hand. But the memories of hard fighting brown trout and feisty arctic char will stick with us. 

A man and woman each hold an arctic char
A large waterfall


A woman holds a brown trout

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