Meet Ambassador Nick Shirghio


A tarpon is heading back into the water after a jump
A closeup of a redfish face
A person releases a snook off of a boat

1. How did you get introduced to the outdoors and how has it formed your life?  

When I was very young in new Jersey my father got me into fishing and I never stopped to this day.  I still enjoy fishing as much as possible. 

 2. What is it about fishing that you enjoy so much? 

I really enjoy the outdoors and being in Nature away from the hustle and bustle of the real world. I can think much clearer when I’m out in the outdoors and there is a relaxing feeling when out in all the fresh air. Although that all changes when you’re hunting tarpon. 

3. Is there a particular type of fishing that you prefer?  

I really love saltwater fly fishing for tarpon, snook, bonefish and redfish. 

A large tarpon jumps out of the water

4. You not only fish, but get out hunting occasionally too.  What were you drawn to first, fishing or hunting and how do they play off of each other for you?   

I really only fish. When I go hunting I only shoot with a camera while the people I am with take care of the hunting. Fly fishing is definitely  my passion and draw to the outdoors.  

 5. You are an amazing photographer.  How did you get into it and was fishing and nature photography always part of the package or did that come on later?    

Nature photography has been a part of my life since high school.  I enjoyed many years in college and photo school shooting color and B+W landscapes and nature. The fishing and outdoor sports photography came later when I started fly fishing with my nephew Patrick Rhea when I really started refining my fishing photography always carrying a camera and a few lenses when on the boat. I enjoy sharing the really cool experiences and beauty while out on the water.

A redfish is held half out of the water
An angler fights a large tarpon from shallow water

6. With many threats facing the outdoors, be it global warming, loss of habitat, mineral extraction etc, What worries you the most? Are you involved in any conservation groups or movements to oppose these things?   

Yes, what worries me down in Florida is the red tide and algae blooms from lake Okeechobee along with fertilizer and other nutrients which make these worse. These in turn choke fish out and kill them.  It's very sad to see a devastating bloom.  I usually donate a photo print for the Captains for clean water silent auction at their Naples fundraisers to support the educational and lobbying work that they do down here. 

 7. If you could fish with or do a photo shoot any celebrity, alive or dead. Who would it be?      

I would like to go fishing with Jeremy Wade from River Monsters.  I have always loved watching that show plus he always goes to some cool places to fish. 

 8. What is your favorite piece of RepYourWater gear?   

I really love the t-shirts and the awesome belts you guys have. The t-shirts are really comfortable and the artwork is awesome! The belts are super durable and stylish.  I wear one 95% of the time.

A boat's trail can be seen from above

9. Tell us a little more about yourself, where did you grow up, where do you live, any family information you'd like to share etc.  

 I have lived in Naples Fl  for the last 40 Years. I really enjoy living here because we are so close to the everglades which has some of the best saltwater fly fishing. I am normally found fishing with my nephew Patrick Rhea and my friend Drew Naeckel. Other times when it’s too windy to fish you may catch me kiteboarding at the local beach.

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