Meet our ambassadors: Bob Reece

Meet our ambassadors: Bob Reece

With spring supposedly around the corner we figured there was no better time to start introducing everyone to our ambassador team.

First up on our list is Bob Reece aka @thin_air_angler. Bob is a long time friend of RepYourWater and is not only a passionate angler and guide, but also a guy that takes pride in nurturing the next generation of feather slingers. 

We sat down with Bob to ask him a few questions about fly fishing and his life around it. Read on to learn more about Guide Bob.

1. How did you get introduced to the outdoors? Was there a particular moment when you realized 'This is the life for me!'? 

I was blessed to have a dad who always took a few weeks out of the summer to take me camping, backpacking and fly fishing.  From as far back as I can remember, I felt so deeply woven into nature.  Even as a child, when I was in the mountains or on the water, it felt like that was where I was supposed to be. 

2. What is it about fishing that you enjoy so much? 

For me, fly fishing is an escape to a physical, emotional and mental place of healing and restoration.  I love how the rest of life fades away when I get on the water.  I get to just be a part of nature and flow away with the water. 

3. Is there a particular style of fishing that you prefer? What is it and why? 

I'm more than happy to tie anything on the end of my leader that will catch a fish.  I do have a special place in my heart for sight fishing for trout.  I love spending late summer days on moving and still water stalking fish with terrestrial patterns on loooong leaders.  The visual interaction of it is always rewarding whether it comes from a refusal or a take.  

4. If you could visit any destination to fish, where would it be? What is your dream species to pursue? 

I've always wanted to travel to South America.  There are so many outstanding fisheries down there.  I"ll be heading to Argentina in March of 2022 for Trout with subsequents trips for more Trout and Golden Dorado in the years to come. 

5. What are your dreams and goals when it comes to fishing? A grand slam? Catching a fish on a certain fly?

Honestly, I'm happy to catch any sized fish on any fly.  So I don't have a dream for a specific species or fly.  I do hope to use fly fishing as a vehicle to travel to and experience as many different fisheries as I can during the rest of my life.  I love exploring "new to me" locations locally and around the globe.  That sense of adventure really fuels my soul. 

6. Do you ever eat what you catch? If so, what is your favorite way to prepare them?

I will occasionally eat some small stream Brookies or a couple Cutthroat from a high mountain lake.  I keep it simple with some butter, salt and pepper all rolled up in tin foil. 

7. With many threats facing the outdoors today, what worries you the most? 

I'm currently a business partner with TU.  What I see most frequently on the waters that I fish are the negative impacts of increased fishing pressure by anglers that don't understand how fish and aquatic ecosystems work.  I believe that we (people that work in the fly fishing industry) need to make a greater effort to educate new anglers on how these ecosystems work, how to best interact with them and how truly fragile they are. 

8. If you could fish with any celebrity, alive or dead. Who would it be?

I'd fly fish with Jesus.  I would love to be able to walk on top of the water with him while fly fishing.  It'd be a trip. 

9. What is your favorite piece of RepYourWater gear?

Sun Shirt Hoodies!!!  I looove those things.  I've gone away from all of my button up guide shirts that I used to wear and now wear only the sun shirts.  I love the light weight material and the mobility that it gives me.  I also really enjoy the added shade and comfort of a hood that stretches and turns with my head as a look in different directions. 

10. Tell us a little more about yourself.

I grew up in the panhandle of Nebraska as a country kid.  I spent most of my free time building forts, shooting BB guns and fishing in a nearby farm pond.  It was an amazing way to grow up.  When I was blessed to get a junior high science teaching job in Wyoming 13 years ago, I was thrilled to be closer to the mountains and the adventure that they provide.  Working with kids over the years has provided me with numerous opportunities to teach kids how to tie flies and fly fish.  It's a wonderfully rewarding way to give back.  Outside of school I run my own guide business on the private stillwaters of Horse Creek Ranch in south east Wyoming.  The ranch sits just two hours north of Denver, Colorado.  It's a massive 60,000 acre piece of land with numerous still waters that hold Brook, Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat and Tiger trout.   The high quality fishing, isolated water and rugged scenery of the Laramie Mountain Range; provides for a great escape from the chaos of life. For more information on that, you can visit or find me on Instagram @thin_air_angler  People are also welcome to text or call me at 307 256 2741. 

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You could not have picked a better person to be a brand ambassador. My son and I had the privilege of fishing with Bob on the Horse Creek Ranch. Best day we’ve ever had on the water!

Randy Siltzer

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