Native Trout from the High Country

Just a few hours south of us here on the Front Range of Colorado, in the mountains of northern, New Mexico lies Vermejo Park Ranch. The ranch has a great little retail shop and fly shop that sells both RepYourWater and RepYourWild apparel, so if you visit, definitely stop in! We were lucky enough to get to check out a few spots on this pristine ranch recently. However, at just under 600,000 acres, it would take years to get to know the place. It was spectacular to spend time casting dry flies to native Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout in the high mountain valleys where the only sounds are the bird songs from the forest edge.

Vermejo Park Reserve has restored over 100 miles of stream in the upper Costilla watershed to be purely Rio Grande Cutthroat. They are truly little gems in the clear high altitude water.

Western Tanagers in the pines, and native par marks from the tiny creeks as bird song and the sounds of running water fill the air.

The fish are just part of the experience at Vermejo, as the ranch is full of Bison, Mule Deer, Antelope, Wild Turkeys and an incredible elk population. It is very much a high end, luxury destination, but if you have the means, we recommend you check it out and soak up some high mountain air...

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