Sea Run Brown Trout in Iceland

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Sea Run Brown Trout in Iceland

Brown trout from the land of fire and ice...

We flew in through low, dark clouds into the wet green of Iceland. Just driving along Iceland’s south coast is worth the trip - huge cliffs with waterfall after waterfall crashing to moss covered coastal plains. 

This was the first time we have fished for sea run brown trout, or “sea trout” as the Europeans call them, and we were thrilled to be chasing them in their native range in an area where they have had this sea run life history for thousands of years.

The first takes we had were in big water on the swing from strong fish that had plenty of current to work with and the shoulders to put it to good use. The cloud-coverage and rain that varied from trickling to pouring made the fish incredibly active. 

Fly fishing in this area of southern Iceland where the landscapes are so breathtaking can be almost distracting from the task at hand. Many of the waterfalls, bridges and river banks seem almost cultivated in their perfection. .

The sun came out for the second portion of our trip and the full splendor of this vast topography came to life. Unfortunately, sea trout do not love to attack flies under bright sun, so we had to put in some serious work to drum up a few. Never deterred from a challenge related to fishing, we put in the casts and found some truly special fish including all four species that the area offers: sea trout, resident browns, arctic char and even one Atlantic salmon. These clear days made for clear nights which meant some stunning views of the Northern Lights.  

We will be back, and not just for the sea trout, but for the moss, the waterfalls, the cold water, the local gin and of course, the people. 

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GARRISON DOCTOR - RepYourWater Co-Founder and Designer